Michael Harvey storyteller

Michael Harvey storyteller

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Branwen - Welsh mythology, magic and mayhem

A faithful contemporary retelling of the story of Branwen from the Second Branch of the Mabinogi, a collection of Welsh mythology first written down in the Middle Ages with roots that are much older. Mysterious, sad, wonderful, magical and relevant the strangeness of it strikes a chord deep inside us.

“Michael Harvey and Pauline Down with the sublime ‘Branwen’. Quality storytelling and song with heart, power and charm...Such a wonderful telling of Branwen... loved Michael drawing the map of the Welsh Coast with that stick, as ever he the made the land sing in the story (and Pauline sang its soul). Branwen was truly magical. Thank-you Michael and Pauline. Just a masterclass in using music to bring out the depth of feeling behind the words. Skilful and poignant.”
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